Excavator Machine Design, Uses, and Types

Have you ever heard about excavator machine? It is a kind of machine which is used in construction. It belongs to weight machine and commonly functions to lift up heavy loads. As a heavy duty machine, of course this is constructed strongly. We usually find this machine in the construction business. However, it is also often used by mining company. This is also available in the market but the price is certainly really high or expensive. Now, let’s discuss further about it.

The Designs of Excavator Machine

Let’s start the discussion from excavator machine design. Because it belongs to heavy duty machine, this equipment is constructed with strong design and body. It is designed to be able to excavate and be used in different kinds of soil. The design is different from one to another depending on the type. In fact, it is available in some types where different types of excavator have different functions. So, if you want to buy an excavator, you have to adjust it to your business.

The Uses of Excavator Machine

Talking about the uses, there are many uses or functions of excavator. However, basically it is used for lifting heavy loads. For example, we often find an excavator machine used for different applications like river dredging, demolition, construction, material handling, landscaping, and other applications. Because of that, excavator is available in different shapes as well as sizes. It depends in the utility. For the more detailed types, we will discuss below.

Types of Excavator

There are 4 excavator machine types available and you have to know it all. The first is crawler excavator. It is also called as a compact excavator. It has great horsepower and is commonly used in mining duty. It can be a good option for landscaping or grading hilly areas. The second type is backhoe excavator. This is the most common and most popular excavator we often find today. This excavator is used to pull towards the driver before it lifts. It is also used for excavating soil in construction sites, unload waste or mining.

Suction excavator is the third type. It can also be called as a vacuum excavator because it looks like a big vacuum cleaner with a pipe which helps carry away debris and loose soil. Another one is dragline excavator. This excavator machine has the bigger size compared to the other types. It is used in big scale applications.

Description: Excavator machine is a heavy duty machine that is used in construction, mining, etc. It is available in some types with different sizes & shapes.

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