Important and Useful Excavator Features

As we know, excavator is a machine that is designed for heavy duty equipment. We also know that this machine has great power and can be used on every kind of soil. The hard design also makes it really strong. However, there are still many people who do not know about its features. There are many excavator features that are important to know. So, in this article, we will discuss about the features applied on this heavy duty machine.

Rotating Platform Feature

From many features of excavator, rotating platform has an important role in operating this machine. The controller or the driver is allowed to rotate the platform to adjust the position before this is used to dig, lift, drag, etc. The driver can also use many features on the cab including some control features. So, the driver can control the arm and bucket easily from the cab. Anyway, the rotating platform belongs to one of the most useful features from excavator.

Arm and Bucket Features

These are the main parts on an excavator because these 2 parts are used to dig, lift, or drag heavy loads. The design of these excavator features is different from one type to another. In fact, there are some types of excavator. For example, there is an excavator that comes with a large bucket facing forward. It can excavate soil by pulling forward. There is also an excavator that is designed to lift up heavy loads. And there are some other types with different designs of arm and bucket.

Hydraulic Features

Even though not all excavators use hydraulic system, however most of them use it. Hydraulic is very useful to optimize the output power with fewer resources. Of course, it will be very useful because excavator requires great power. So, you need to thank to all the characteristics of excavator especially hydraulic system.

Other Features of Excavator

Is there still any feature? Besides those 3 main features above, there are still many other features on this machine. Excavator is equipped with undercarriage and a boom, too. Besides that, this also features strong and anti-slip wheels. And there are some other useful features offered. After knowing all those excavator features above, now you have to know how to use them. If you want to use this machine, you must know how to rotate the platform, lift up loads, dig soil, drag soil and others using this machine.

Description: Excavator features come with various purposes and uses. Besides rotating platform, arm & bucket and hydraulic, there are still many other features offered.

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